Ten Great Recipes You Probably Missed

Mom's Recipe Box
My mom’s recipe box

2 years ago today, I posted my first recipe. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long! Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to read and comment on my posts. I hope you found something useful and had as much fun reading as I did writing. I know I’ve learned a lot from you, too!

Having started out with the small goal of having a way to easily keep track of my favorite recipes and share them with friends and family, I am humbled by the number of total strangers who’ve visited julienne.red. At last count, visitors to the site have come from 99 different countries. I like to think that, in our own small way, we bloggers are contributing to world peace. There’s nothing quite like shared interests to remind us that we’re all more alike than different.

Unless you’ve been following since the beginning (hello to all three of you), there’s a good chance you’ve missed some of my favorite recipes. Here are ten of them that are worth going back to check out:

Adobo-Lime Chicken & RiceAdobo-Lime Chicken & Rice






Black Bean Veggie SpudsBlack Bean Veggie Spuds





Chipotle-Mint Shrimp With Chorizo, Chorizo-Stuffed Jalapeños, Minty Chick Pea, Green Bean, & Tomato SaladChipotle-Mint Shrimp With Chorizo






Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge SauceDark Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce






Ginger-Soy Chicken PacketsGinger-Soy Chicken Packets






Grilled Cumin-Sage Pork TenderloinGrilled Cumin-Sage Pork Tenderloin




Lemony Basil Chicken With Basil Aioli; Black Pepper Barley With Asparagus & SaffronLemony Basil Chicken With Basil Aioli






Plank grilled shrimp w summer veggies & pastaPlank Grilled Shrimp With Summer Veggies & Pasta






Potato Salad With Bells OnPotato Salad With Bells On








soy-sauced-chicken-with-olivesSoy Sauced Chicken With Olives

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  1. KR says:

    Thank you for blog 🙂 And I wish to you time and energy to keep blogging 🙂

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    1. julie says:

      Thank you! And thanks for reading!

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