Salt Slab Sirloin

Perfect medium-rare Salt Slab Sirloin!



We were at the Cazenovia, NY farmers market last week with Claudia & Dave, and came across a booth for the Syracuse Salt Company. They had samples of lots of different salts and these gorgeous pink Himalayan salt slabs. I just had to have one, especially once I learned that you can cook on them. Claudia and I each bought one, and I picked up some of the lemon and ginger salts, too. We tried some tomatoes served on Claudia’s block that night, and learned that four hours was way too long to leave the tomatoes on the block. (I’m sure we knew that, and just lost track of time.) A few minutes would have been plenty. Definitely worth trying again!

But here’s the best bit. A couple of days after we returned home, I picked up a prime piece of sirloin at Primal, & grilled it on my new salt slab. Couldn’t have been easier to cook, and WOW! It was so tender, juicy, & flavorful that Trip was actually a bit surprised to learn it wasn’t a ribeye! I will definitely be doing this again. It’s so easy & simple, it seems kind of silly to even call this a recipe. Here’s how I did it:

IMG_27271.) Buy the best steak you can find.

2.) Preheat the slab – the instructions say to do so rather slowly, in 3 stages of 15 minutes each.

3.) Put the steak on the slab, close grill, set timer for 4 minutes.

4.) Flip steak. Set timer for another 4 minutes.


5.) Serve. It was cooked to perfection, no guesswork or meat thermometers involved. Maybe the best steak I have ever had!

6.) Clean up your slab. (I sort of overlooked the part where it said to scrape the slab immediately after using it, & I let it sit overnight. Next time, I’ll pay attention to the instructions!)



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