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Greek Yogurt: Instant Pot

There are lots of reasons to make your own yogurt at home. Homemade is definitely cheaper if you eat a lot of yogurt. Plus, you and only you control what else goes into it. Thickeners, preservatives, artificial flavor, and sugar (sometimes lots of sugar) all frequently appear in store-bought yogurt. When you make your own… Continue reading Greek Yogurt: Instant Pot

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BLTs (Without the Hot Kitchen)

August brings the best of two worlds: too hot to cook in the kitchen, and luscious ripe tomatoes from the garden. Menu: BLTs. A whole meal in one handheld bit of heaven. Even better if you score some fresh Corn on the Cob to go with it. I’ve always loved having BLTs for dinner in the summer. We used… Continue reading BLTs (Without the Hot Kitchen)