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Sautéed Green Tomatoes With Baby Beet Greens

You know that old adage, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”? It’s been a weird year, weather-wise, and a busy summer. So things weren’t quite perfect in the garden. My tomatoes were slower than molasses in January, for one thing. Well past the usual time of my first harvest, most were still green. Some of… Continue reading Sautéed Green Tomatoes With Baby Beet Greens

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Chilled Cucumber-Avocado Soup With Mint

It may be September, but since summer seems to have decided to stick around for another week, I think I can get away with one more summery recipe. Chilled soups are best in warm weather, of course. Don’t we always want what we don’t have? Cold soup when it’s hot in the summer, hot soup… Continue reading Chilled Cucumber-Avocado Soup With Mint

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Honey Wheat Rolls

These soft, really light, delicious rolls are from a recipe I found on the King Arthur website. They’re not your typical heavy, dense whole wheat, and okay, that’s because they aren’t 100% whole grain. But two-thirds of the flour is whole grain, and personally, I’m willing to sacrifice the other third once in a while. Because these rolls are that… Continue reading Honey Wheat Rolls

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Homemade Applesauce

Fall is nearly here, and do you know what that means? Fresh, homemade applesauce! Definitely one of my favorite foods to make, and to eat. And soooo much better than canned!  I’m fortunate to live in an area with several nearby orchards. Going apple picking is a favorite family and school activity around here, or you can buy your… Continue reading Homemade Applesauce