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Sesame-Soy Chicken With Rice

I’m in love with Instant Pot Freezer Meals! I started experimenting with them as part of my “survive the kitchen & hip renovations” plan. All of which is progressing nicely. My new cabinets are going up, and the new range hood is on order. The appliance folks assure me this one will move enough air… Continue reading Sesame-Soy Chicken With Rice

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Sichuan Style Shrimp with Spinach

Szechuan? Sichuan? It’s all about which system is used to write Chinese using the Roman alphabet. Szechuan is the Wade-Giles spelling, from the system developed by British diplomats in China in the 19th century. It’s being replaced in many places by Sichuan, which is from the Pinyin system developed in and used by China in… Continue reading Sichuan Style Shrimp with Spinach

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Genesee Valley Pork Medallions

Congratulations are in order: Today is my son’s wedding! It’s very exciting. We’re all so happy for him and thrilled to officially welcome her into the family. Of course, I’m not actually sitting at my computer today — I’ve scheduled this to post automatically. There are better, more important things to do this morning!  I’ve… Continue reading Genesee Valley Pork Medallions