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Spicy Peanut Chicken With Rice

I love the combination of peanut and ginger! I just can’t get enough of it. I’m having some work done on my kitchen this fall, so I’m stocking up on freezer meals. Neither Spiced Peanut Sheet Pan Chicken Supper nor Nutty Shrimp lends itself very well to a one-container freezer meal, so I needed to… Continue reading Spicy Peanut Chicken With Rice

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Kitchen Curry

Why “Kitchen” Curry? I named it after the reason I developed it: After thirty years, I’m renovating my kitchen. We live in an old house, so we already know that renovation projects never go as planned. There’s always something turning up that nobody anticipated. Long story short, I will be without a kitchen for at… Continue reading Kitchen Curry

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Greek Yogurt: Instant Pot

There are lots of reasons to make your own yogurt at home. Homemade is definitely cheaper if you eat a lot of yogurt. Plus, you and only you control what else goes into it. Thickeners, preservatives, artificial flavor, and sugar (sometimes lots of sugar) all frequently appear in store-bought yogurt. When you make your own… Continue reading Greek Yogurt: Instant Pot

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Dal (Instant Pot)

Here’s my Slow Cooker Dal recipe, reworked for making it in the Instant Pot. The IP user manual stresses that the pot shouldn’t be filled more than halfway “when cooking foods that expand during cooking such as grains, beans, and dried vegetables.” Lentils don’t expand as much as dried beans do, but I decided I’d better cut the… Continue reading Dal (Instant Pot)

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Cooking Dried Chickpeas

I bought an Instant Pot® about a month ago. I’d been flirting with the idea of a pressure cooker for ages. I recently read an article that says not only are they faster than other methods, they actually can do a better job. That’s what really got me interested. Time is not an issue for me. I’m fortunate to… Continue reading Cooking Dried Chickpeas