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Sichuan Style Shrimp with Spinach

Szechuan? Sichuan? It’s all about which system is used to write Chinese using the Roman alphabet. Szechuan is the Wade-Giles spelling, from the system developed by British diplomats in China in the 19th century. It’s being replaced in many places by Sichuan, which is from the Pinyin system developed in and used by China in… Continue reading Sichuan Style Shrimp with Spinach

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Grilled Lemon-Bay Shrimp

Fresh, bright, delicious! This is one of my favorite recipes for the summer. It’s so simple, but the way the bay and lemon complement the shrimp is just perfect. It’s really easy to make, too. Sometimes I buy my shrimp already peeled and deveined because it saves a fair amount of time and effort. If… Continue reading Grilled Lemon-Bay Shrimp

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Chipotle-Mint Shrimp With Chorizo

I’m still not sure what prompted me to try pairing shrimp with chorizo. (It’s Mexican style chorizo, by the way, not Spanish.) I’m so glad I did, though, because it was delicious! There’s something about the heartiness of the sausage that’s a perfect complement to the lightness of the shrimp. Each holds the seasoning a little differently,… Continue reading Chipotle-Mint Shrimp With Chorizo

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Plank Grilled Shrimp With Summer Veggies & Pasta

Summer splendor on a fork! This is the perfect meal for a hot summer day. Fresh, with a delicate balance of flavors. A little smoky from the planks, but not so as to overpower the veggies; a little subtle sweetness from the balsamic, peppery zip from the basil, and mini mouth-explosions from the salt. Great combination… Continue reading Plank Grilled Shrimp With Summer Veggies & Pasta